About US


Leisure Line Consultant Limited had been established in 2006. This is one of the fastest growing IT firms in Bangladesh. The base of this successful long journey is an initiative of Mr. Khaledur Rahman Shakil, along with bunch of potential, skilled and hardworking individuals. Klaledur Rahman Shakil also co-chairman of BASIS Standing Committee on Digital Security. We develop innovative and cost effective software services in both commercial and government sectors, along with that we provide training to those who are interested to build up their career in IT sector. With the advent of modern technologies we also incorporate their customers with new application and ideas. We have well trained professional to develop software and meet the customer demand. Our unique approach to train and develop human resources to adapt to the market demands leads them to national as well as international market.
Leisure Line Logistic Concern is committed to create highly skilled IT professionals. Our dream is to make available an upgraded smart integrated IT, Cyber security and Security system solution for the clients. The objective of LLC is to provide all kinds of IT related solutions. With the huge support of professional developers, LLC is trying to emphasis on the newer technologies like Mobile application development, Bioinformatics, Micro finance, Cyber Security, Green Technology and many more. Currently we are conducting training program to catalyze the growth of freelancer for self-employment and promoting on-line outsourcing. Through this program they are trying to create master trainers in freelancer area to disseminate the training program in the grass root level.
For frequent service and to develop the international communication, Leisure Line Logistic Concern, Inc; USA, acquire and take over the Bangladeshi Company in the name and style of “Leisure Line Logistic Concern” at 2015 through a vendors agreement, sign between both company.

Vision to provide

At present, there are Bangladesh Government and many private customers all over Bangladesh that we could bring under our service coverage providing industrial automation and integrated security system with our professional services along with the quality products from top of the line. We are proud to announce that it did not take us too long to take a visible stand against the crowd among our customer community in comparison to other similar contestants or vendors; furthermore, we shall not hesitate to let you know that we are growing gradually, in case if you are eager or interested to know about our present reputation in the market.

Premise for growth

Leisure Line Consultant Limited does not believe in restricting or ending up its promotional job or services by selling industrial automation or integrated security system equipment to you only, rather, we are ever keen to serve you and fix your trouble until we are satisfied through our professional service that enables you smooth working environment, ensure you maximum protection from any security lack, assists you towards maximum productivity. We are capable and eager to meet any of your current requirements and inquiries from its varied product line up backed up with fully technical and engineering support, and we can’t afford to ignore the significance of technical support of this kind of sophisticated and sensitive product and services.

Unstoppable work supply

We are proud to hereby declare that we are very much in a position to sell, supply, install and ensure the maintenance and servicing job for the following products from both from our own stock and import basis: IT, Cyber Security, Web Site, Mobile Apps, Soft Development, Security System Solution and Construction Related Products. There are about 50 individuals as a core team of the company with their expertise’s and skills in their relevant fields apart from the honorable Chairman and the Honorable CEO as well as the founder members of Leisure Line Logistic Concern respectively. LLS has a well equipped working space in the prime location of Dhaka city which does have the well and easy access from all major directions. The office has got all necessary logistic and other communication equipment in order to keep the entire operational and marketing activities smooth and uninterrupted.

One- Step service Team for Clients

Technical & Engineering Team at LLS: We have got most talented and technically sound software, hardware and networking engineer assuring services round the clock during the warranty and after sales period.
Marketing & Sales Team at LLS: The Sales force at LLS is most contestants, well trained, experienced and very much ready to accept challenging sales target. Moreover, LLS’s sales are proven to achieve the given sales target.